Protecting Our Senior Community with Chiropractic

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Chiropractic is effective care for seniors

There is a misconception that chiropractic is too aggressive, or that the adjustments are too forceful for aging bodies, that is simply untrue. The fact is that every patient we see receives a completely individualized treatment based on their unique body and set of conditions; that includes seniors. Chiropractic is not too forceful for an older body; in fact, in tandem with your primary care physician, chiropractic helps seniors maintain mobility and independence of movement. Let's find out why more and more seniors are turning to the complementary care that chiropractic provides. 

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Why Choose the Activator Method for Improving Spinal Health

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The Activator advantage

The Activator Method is one of the tools we trust to provide profound spinal relief. In fact, it is the only instrument-assisted method that is backed up by clinical evidence. Our goals with the Activator Method align perfectly with the rest of our treatment methods: to help you live a better, more mobile, less painful life. Activator helps achieve this by providing you with:

  • Detection and treatment of musculoskeletal imbalances
  • Improvement of spinal joint mobility
  • Reducing pain in the neck and back
  • Testing neurological reflex

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Your Changing Body: Adjusting to Postpartum Life

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Welcoming a new life to the world... a whirlwind of joy and adaptation. As your newborn opens its eyes to the waking world, your body is going through its own transition. A woman loses up to 12 pounds after delivery, including the weight of the child, the placenta (about 1 pound), amniotic fluid and a few pounds of blood. In the following days, you can expect to lose more weight as you urinate frequently to rid your body of the excess water retained by cells during pregnancy.

But most women won't see their bellies shrink significantly until they start exercising. This is because abdominal muscles are stretched to their absolute maximum. So while your body is shedding fluid at a rapid rate, you won't look like you've lost much weight at all! And what of your spine, a structure that suffered so much during the last 9 months? Well the conditions that caused spinal pain and dysfunction are still present, and you will need to be proactive in your postpartum months to prevent the pain from lingering or becoming something longer term. Here's our action plan:

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Why We Are Webster Certified

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Chiropractic makes for a more comfortable pregnancy

At our office in Ramsey, we are dedicated to helping the women of our community have a more comfortable, more successful pregnancy. That's why we specialize in pre-natal and post-natal care, carrying certifications for pregnancy chiropractic and the Webster Technique. Our services help ease the pains and other discomforts related to pregnancy and childbirth. Today, let's talk about the third trimester, the most hectic period of any pregnancy.

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How To Start Your Day with Spinal Health

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What better way to start your day...

...than by activating and energizing the structure that houses your central nervous system. No matter what your job or lifestyle, your spine is going to be under threat all day. So the best way to prevent this threat from causing damage is by being proactive about strengthening and stretching your spine. Now, we understand that very few people have the time or determination to complete an exercise routine before they go to work. We are not asking you to make such a drastic lifestyle adjustment- instead, we are suggesting that you take 5-10 minutes out of your morning to stretch. In particular we want you to elongate your spine. This helps:

  • Jumpstart your circulation, getting oxygen and nutrients flowing to your spine
  • Decrease tension in the supporting muscles which will aid in posture all day.
  • Improve mobility of the spinal joints

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How to Fully Enjoy Your Spine After Chiropractic Adjustment

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Spinal wellness on the rise

For many of our patients, the hours and days that follow a chiropractic adjustment can be a revelatory time- rediscovering lost range of motion, feeling less pain and feeling more able are the most common results of spinal adjustment. By providing gentle adjustments to the spinal joints, we are able to restore spinal alignment, alleviate nerve impingement and improve the mobility of previously dysfunctional spinal joints. But how can you turn those hours and days into months and years? Because the spinal adjustment is just the start. Once you've reestablished spinal alignment and spinal range of motion, how can you be sure to keep your spine in such a state of balance and wellbeing? It starts the moment you leave our office, the second you step in your car. Read on to find out our post-adjustment tips for keeping spinal wellness on the rise. 

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