Text Neck: An Insidious Byproduct of the Tech Age

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Smart phones optimize our lives while hurting our spines 

Smart phones have become the predominant tool of modern life. While its ability to streamline hundreds of functions into a pocket-sized computer is admirable, it is also causing grief for our spine. The subconscious posture that many of us adopt when using our phones is dangerous when combined with frequent usage. Studies have estimated that teens spend up to 2-4 hours on their phone per day, which may help explain why spinal degeneration is affecting younger demographics more than in the past. Smart phones indulge us instantly and satisfy our ever-curious minds, but it is worth asking if that comes with a price. 

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Making Time for Your Spine

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Is spinal health a priority in your lifestyle?

How lazy are we? Spinal health is a good measuring tool. We are all aware of what a sitting-heavy, movement-lacking lifestyle can do to our spines. Even then, few of us take the initiative to care for our spines seriously until something is wrong: a crick in the neck, a stiff and sore lower back, a painful pinched nerve; these are the wake up signals that prompt us to take action in defense of our spine. But what if you never had to reach that point to begin with? If you are lucky enough to have a pain-free spine right now, don’t take it for granted! Realize how lucky you are, and then realize that it won’t stay that way unless you take proactive measures to keep it in a state of strength and balance. 

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Detecting Spinal Misalignment Before it Causes Problems

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The complexity of your spine explained 

Your spine consists of bones called the vertebrae, forming a set of curves called the column that houses the spinal canal. This cavity protects the spinal cord, a bundle of nerve fibers which connect almost every part of your body with your brain, forming the central nervous system. Between each vertebrae is an intervertebral disc that provides for shock absorption and articulation between the bones, as well as ligaments which provide an additional layer of strength and support. Each spinal motion segment (adjacent vertebrae, disc and ligaments), is responsible for healthy articulation of the spine. With so many interdependent parts, your spine regularly moves in and out of alignment. 

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Keep Calm and Play Tennis Better with Chiropractic

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The role of tennis in spinal health

Tennis provides a full-body boon; in terms of spinal health, there is a net-positive benefit and it is our job as an office of chiropractic to keep it that way! At Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center, our goal is to strengthen your spine against the unique challenges that tennis presents, so that you can maintain a high level of performance on the court while preventing injuries inherent in the nature of the sport. 

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A New Year’s Health Resolution You Can Keep

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Looking for an easy way to improve your health this new year?

Start with hydration. Water is an essential ingredient of life and too many of us take this for granted. Some studies estimate that as much as 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Every system in the body relies on H2O to function smoothly. It’s really time to ask: by foregoing hydration, what are you really doing to your body? 

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Holiday Travel Tips Help Keep your Spine in Line

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The traveler's worst nightmare: back pain

Many of us are winding down the last few days at work before packing the family in the van or onto the plane for a trip to spend the holidays with family or friends further afield. But travel represents a threat to people with back pain: the hours of sitting required to get from point A to point B deaden your circulation, stiffen your muscles and intensify your already palpable back pain. This holiday season, instead of accepting your traveling fate, be proactive to prevent pain. 

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