Yoga for Chronic Sitters

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What does a day's worth of sitting do to your back?

Sit up straight and brace yourself as you read: prolonged sitting is killing you slowly and this is no exaggeration. The human body was not made to sit for prolonged periods of time and as a result, it takes a serious toll on our physical and mental well-being. Here are some of the ways that sitting negatively affects your spine:

  • Damages your spine by increasing downward compression
  • Damages organs and 
  • Compresses your abdomen and interferes with digestion
  • Encourages poor posture which carries over into other positions 
  • Tightens certain muscles and underworks others, leading to muscular imbalance

In the end, sitting is literally taking unquantifiable years off of your life. The solution is to get up and move; in fact, this is the greatest way to stay feeling young. If you are tasked with sitting on a daily basis, make sure you are proactive in fighting the risk factors that come along with it. 

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Lumbar Problems: When the Pain Won't Go Away

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Muscle problems are the most common cause of lower back pain

This rather large category can refer to tangible, definable problems like muscle and tendon strains and ligament sprains to the more nebulous muscle problems that result from years of neglect and mistreatment. Regardless, it goes without saying that your muscles are the main support for your spine- any problems in the musculature are going to directly affect the integrity of your spinal cord; the knock-on effect will come to define the way you feel and function in all activities. Therefore, controlling for muscle problems in the lower back is a signal way of increasing your overall wellbeing.

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Defining Balance for Athletes

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Balance keeps athletes on the winning side of those fine margins 

Whether it be a personal record or the winning point in a team competition, balance is one of the elements that determines athletic success. That is why it surprises us that many athletes forego this opportunity: by choosing not to focus on maintaining and improving balance, you are letting go of a great method for boosting athletic performance. At our office in Ramsey, we focus on helping athletes improve their musculoskeletal balance through education, awareness, and natural modalities. 

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When Dormant Spinal Injuries Resurface

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Have you ever suffered an injury?

Many of us, especially during our younger years, have suffered injuries that seemed of little significance at the time- from a slip and fall, to an injury sustained while playing an aggressive sport like football. And while we can all admit that we more resilient in our younger days, it doesn't change the fact that we never did anything about the injury. It's true that we are more resilient to injury in youth- we are able to process and heal an injury much quicker, sometimes without any medical attention whatsoever. Now the problem is that many of these injuries do cause damage, damage that remains dormant for years- decades even. 

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An Action Plan for Extension Intolerance

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When extending your spine hurts instead of helping

Many people with chronic, compression-based back pain find that extending their spine is the only way they can feel comfortable. But what about those who suffer in an extended position? If this is you, rest assured: you are not in the minority. People who experience discomfort when their spine is extended are likely extension intolerant. Most often, this includes people who spend the majority of their working day on foot: teachers, baristas, athletes, nurses, etc.  

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The Power of the Micro-Break

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Take a break right this second

You have been on your computer for far too long; you have been looking at your phone far too much. You have an office job and a car- that already tells us that you spend too much time sitting. If you aren't taking the right steps to protect your spine from this lifestyle, there is every chance that you are setting your spine and yourself up for an old age of disability and pain. While there is no single magic bullet for mitigating the toll of office work on your spine, we can suggest a place to start: it's called taking frequent breaks. Read on to find out about our guidelines for micro-breaks during a busy day. 

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