Postpartum Depression and Chiropractic

Chiropractic is effective at managing and reducing symptoms of postpartum depression. When the upheaval of hormones and structural changes of pregnancy are catalyzed by the stress of delivery, a mother can be left exhausted, and this state of low energy is often linked to postpartum depression. Despite the physical maelstrom of pregnancy, there are also lifestyle adjustments to account for with a new child. While tending to the baby's every need, sleep can be hard to come by, which is a great harm to the mother's emotional and mental stability. Stress hormones are elevated and depression symptoms ensue:

Symptoms of postpartum depression include:

  • Sleep difficulty
  • Loss of appetite
  • Experiencing little interest or emotional connection to the new child
  • Low sex drive
  • Weight fluctuation

Chiropractic is a practical, holistic approach to combatting these symptoms. A build up of anxiety manifests itself in tense muscles-a feeling of stiffness and tightness. Hands-on massage therapy treatment can increase relaxation, while helping the body to grow stronger. The hormone relaxin, which is crucial for loosening ligaments in preparation for birth, lingers in the body for 6 months to a year after pregnancy, leaving your pelvic and sacral regions vulnerable to misalignment and injury. Regular chiropractic adjustment helps maintain stability in the region, helping you to recover quicker and more effectively.

Keeping your body in a state of balance and health is an important component to the endeavor of balancing hormones and returning to normalcy postpartum. We would like to help you enjoy new motherhood without pain; in Ramsey we can be reached at (201) 995-9900 and in Passaic at (973) 471-9585.

Dr. Moe Abtahi, D.C. 

Chiropractic for Postpartum Health

Postpartum chiropractic is vital. With the buildup to labor, elation at delivery and upheaval that comes with transitioning to life with a new baby, it is easy to forget that your body needs support. The hormone relaxin, which is produced in greater quantities to loosen ligaments in preparation for birth, remains elevated for six months after delivery. This leaves your lower back, pelvis and sacrum weakened and vulnerable to misalignment and damage. Instability in the base of the spine is exacerbated by baby holding and breast feeding which puts undue pressure on the neck, upper back and shoulders. It is a formula for pain which chiropractic is excellent at nullifying.

The positive side of raised relaxin levels is that in this pliable state, the body responds well to chiropractic adjustment. As ligaments begin to tighten and return to pre-pregnancy standards, back and pelvic pains ensue. “Mommy aches,” are common but avoidable. Maintaining the body’s alignment during this period of change is a great way to prevent pain.

Mothers who have been prescribed extensive bed rest in the wake of a C-section birth can experience aches due to poor posture. We make recommendations for creating an environment conducive to healing and introduce stretches that will relieve this discomfort.

At Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center, we want you to enjoy and explore the wonders of being a mother without the anxiety of dealing with aches and pains. If you are a new mother in New Jersey, schedule an appointment today: in Ramsey at (201) 995-9900 and in Passaic at (973) 471-9585.

Dr. Moe Abtahi, D.C.

The Webster Technique Works!

As a prospective mother enters into the later phases of pregnancy, a properly aligned pelvis and sacrum is a key to keeping her immune system operating efficiently while allowing plenty of room for the baby to develop healthily; it is also beneficial in preventing dystocia, as discussed in my previous blog. At Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center, we want to give you every advantage in having a short, easy labor, free of complications or surgical intervention. 

Correcting the position of a baby in breech is the first step in paving the runway for a smooth delivery. To correct the breech positioning, we use the Webster Technique, a method that is focused on reducing stress to uterus-supporting ligaments, maximizing the space available to the baby to maneuver into the proper, maneuver into the proper, head-first position. The uterus is held within the abdomen in a state of balance, supported by ligaments that become stretched tight during the growth of the stomach during pregnancy. Not only does this cause the mother pain, but it also restricts the potential for maneuverability of the baby: overly tight ligaments can cause the baby to stay in breech position as labor approaches. Manual adjustments are focused on realigning the pelvis and sacrum, and reducing the tension and tightness of the ligaments supporting the uterus. This creates optimal space for the baby to move itself into the correct position for delivery.

We are experts in chiropractic for pregnancy in the New Jersey area. We will be dedicated to the health of mother and child from day one. Our office in Ramsey can be reached at (201) 995-9900 and in Passaic at (973) 471-9585. Call us today to find out how we can maximize your potential for an easy birth. 

Pelvic Imbalance During Pregnancy


At Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center, we are dedicated to the success of your pregnancy. This includes the health of your little one as it develops into a healthy baby. We offer a range of chiropractic and massage services that are gentle and safe, with the goal of keeping the mother’s body healthy so that the baby can develop unhindered. By supporting the mother’s immune system, we will help you have an easier pregnancy and promote the chances of a safer birth.

Misalignment of the pelvis is responsible for many pregnancy related complications. When the pelvis is aligned incorrectly, the amount of room available for the baby to develop is reduced. This condition is known as intrauterine restraint. Furthermore, a misaligned pelvis can make it difficult for the baby to get into a proper birthing position. Through careful, considered chiropractic adjustment, we keep the spine aligned through the pelvic region, achieving a balance that positions the baby correctly and reduces the likelihood of complications during labor.

Establishing pelvic balance is a great reason to consider chiropractic care during your pregnancy. Our treatment is effective at reducing stress to the uterus and treating the supportive tissues that can be strained during pregnancy. If you are looking to develop and maintain the perfect nurturing environment for your baby-to-be, consider how we can help you. Call our office in Ramsey at (201) 995-9900 and in Passaic at (973) 471-9585.

Dr. Moe Abtahi, D.C. 

Massage for Pregnancy

Massage is an excellent choice for complimenting your prenatal wellness. At Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center, we believe that regular massage therapy effectively treats the stress that comes with the hormonal upheaval of pregnancy and supports the woman’s body in its creation of a nurturing environment for the development of a child.

The extra weight that comes with pregnancy moves your center of gravity forward, forcing your back muscles to work harder if they want to maintain balance. Your pelvis tilts forward and the lumbar curve is accentuated. Furthermore, stomach muscles that were once able to support your spine are stretched and cannot do their job. These changes combine to create muscle tension and excess stress especially on the tissues that support the lower back.

Massage counters these structural changes by improving blood flow: bringing oxygen and nutrients to areas that need the extra support. Massage also increases lymph circulation, which is used to clean out toxins and remove interstitial fluid from the tissues, an excess of which can cause edema or swelling. Massage therapy will stretch and relax tense muscles while correcting the muscle imbalance brought on by pregnancy, allowing you to feel optimally healthy.

Getting a good night’s sleep is paramount to a healthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, the aches and anxiety of pregnancy can work against your body’s attempt to achieve deep, restorative sleep. Massage can also help in this endeavor because the brain releases chemicals like serotonin, endorphins and dopamine as a natural response to massage. After massage, you will enter bed with relaxed muscles and a relaxed mind, both of which are conducive to a restful night of sleep. Come see how our expert hands can lead you to relaxation and peace of mind during pregnancy. Call our office in Ramsey at (201) 995-9900 and in Passaic at (973) 471-9585.

Dr. Moe Abtahi, D.C.

Prenatal Chiropractic

Congratulations! You are on your way to having a baby. This will be a life-defining moment and we want to make it as comfortable as possible. At Family Chiropractic Spinal Health Care Center, we specialize in chiropractic technique for pregnancy. Our primary concern is providing you with safe, non-invasive support for your body during this time of great physical change. We keep the mother-to-be feeling healthy and help maintain the nurturing environment of the womb.

Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy has a wealth of benefits:

  • Maintain pelvic balance
  • Maintain proper curvature of the spine
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Decrease stress
  • Decrease tension on the womb
  • Increase immune function

During pregnancy, a woman’s body releases reproductive hormones that weaken the pelvic region by relaxing ligaments to make way for the passage of the baby. The added weight of the baby lowers her center of gravity and puts pressure on the pelvic region. These factors can put excess pressure on the spine, damage tissues and contribute to back pain and sciatica. Furthermore, if the pelvic region is allowed to fall out of alignment, it can reduce the room available for your baby to grow and make the birthing process more difficult.

Chiropractic adjustment keeps the spine, particularly the pelvic region, in alignment. We also offer massage services that help reduce physical and mental stress and ease discomfort associated with pregnancy. If you are interested in finding out how chiropractic can benefit you and your baby, we would love to help. Call our New Jersey offices at (201) 995-9900.

Dr. Moe Abtahi, D.C.