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When you are in pain and suffering, the last thing you want to do is sit in a sterile room, waiting to be seen by a doctor. Since opening the doors of Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center in Ramsey, NJ in 2007, Dr. Moe Abtahi has committed himself to being a chiropractor actually you look forward to seeing.

From the moment you walk through the door, to the moment you leave, you find yourself in a friendly and comfortable environment. You can always expect to be valued and treated with the personalized care that you deserve.

For over a decade, Dr. Abtahi has been treating residents in and around the Ramsey, NJ area for a variety of conditions, including, but not limited to, disc herniation, pinched nerves, ear infections, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, fibromyalgia, joint issues, back pain, neck pain, degenerative disc disease, chronic issues such as allergies, and much more.

In order to provide comprehensive care for each patient, Dr. Abtahi works meticulously, combining various approaches, to develop a custom holistic treatment course. Among other areas, he specializes in gentle chiropractic adjustments, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, shock wave therapy, spinal decompression, and spinal manipulation. His unique approach to care allows him to provide care for children, elderly adults, pregnant women, and anyone who cannot or does not want to tolerate forceful adjustments.

Thanks to his dedication to the health, healing, and recovery of his patients, Dr. Abtahi has been listed as one of America’s Top Chiropractors and as a NJ Top Doctor for several years.

If you’re looking for a compassionate and caring chiropractor, call Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center in Ramsey, NJ. It doesn't matter if your goal is to recover from an injury, achieve optimal general wellness, or anything in between -- Dr. Abtahi is the best provider to have on your side.

Hello, from Moe Abtahi, D.C., C.F.M.P.

Let me be your Chiropractor, I Practice Chiropractic in Ramsey

As your Chiropractor in Ramsey, NJ our office offers Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care.

Our office offers individualized chiropractic wellness care to northern New Jersey in our state-of-the-art facility:

  • Spinal & Postural Screening
  • Adjustments
  • Exercise Techniques
  • Pregnancy Care (pre and postnatal)
  • Laser Therapy
  • Pediatric Services
  • Family Care
  • Mature Adult Care (Geriatric)
  • Nutrition
  • Computerized Spinal Screening
Chiropractor in Ramsey NJ

Techniques Used: Chiropractic in Ramsey, NJ

Our techniques care for the bones, nerves, muscles, and connective tissue that make up more than half of your body.

Chiropractic and spinal care is a safe, effective alternative to surgery and drug treatments for many common conditions including headaches, neck pain, sciatica, arm pain, back pain, injuries, and much more.

This approach to wellness assists the bones, joints, nervous, and muscular systems to efficiently optimize function.

You can also connect with our Chiropractic in Ramsey, NJ on Facebook here.


We are not currently accepting auto or personal injury patients

Rachael F

From tears to smiles, thanks to Dr. Moe!!!!! I will never forget that day….. excruciating pain as if someone had literally stabbed me in the back and tears falling down my cheeks:( But, with great referrals from friends, I called Dr. Abtahi’s office with no hesitation. Melissa was so helpful that day and had me…

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M. C.

I would highly recommend Family Chiropractic to everyone, regardless of age or c The doctor was a pleasure. He was knowledgable, explained all points of services, and really helped with my ailment. I would highly recommend Family Chiropractic to everyone, regardless of age or condition.

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Sharon Z

This doctor is awesome. He helped me very much with my lower back pain. He is very dedicated and his service is phenomenal!

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Armita H

Best Treatment I Ever Had! I first when to Dr. Abtahi for my knee and ankle. I have always had problems with them and other doctors that I have gone to never really helped me out. Once I started treatment with Dr. Abtahi, I had immediate results and my knee and ankle started to feel…

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Warren C

Absolutely Fabulous I went in there bent over and I came out straight. I have been going to Family Chiropractor for about a year now. The staff is great and Dr. Moe is great. I would recommend them to anyone.

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Nomy G

Dr Abtahi is the best! I highly recommend him! Dr. Abtahi is the best! I was diagnosed with scoliosis 30 years ago and have had significant pain in my back over the years. Two years ago I had a major surgical procedure which left me with even more back pain, but through the help of…

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Rose Ann F

If it were not for Dr Abtahi i could not get out of bed in the morning . and since I do quite a bit of exercise I abuse my muscles. I do not have to take any pain killers after a visit I am so totally relaxed it is like a vacation! thanks Dr.Abtahi…

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Kelsey M

Dr. Moe, Melissa, and Michele have all been great; so kind, caring, and helpful!!

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Suzanne J

It is amazing, especially for someone with an autoimmune disease. Everything at Family Chiropractor & Spinal Heath Care Center is amazing. My son also goes there, and when he was going out the door he commented about how glad he was to be able to see Dr. Moe today because he is the only man…

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— Reynold T.- M.D.

Dr. Abtahi and Michelle (massage therapist) are a wonderful team. The combination of massage and adjustments truly help my chronic pain, improve my posture and generally improve my quality of life. I greatly appreciate the help that I receive and value the care and compassion.

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— L.C.

Dr Moe has helped me with all my back pain. He is kind and friendly. Unlike other doctors who just rush you out, he takes his time to find out what’s wrong and helps. His staff is very courteous and friendly as well. They are all always willing to help in any situation.

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— Yvette S.

Dr. Moe is absolutely the best in the business. He’s got healing hands and a positive spirit, which helps to heal. I felt better after the third treatment. Thanks Dr Moe! My pain is so little now that you are my doctor!

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— Laura V.

Dr. A is one of the kindest, caring men I have ever met!

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— Rose

Since I have been coming to Dr. Abtahi, I feel 100% better. Very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Thanks Doc!

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— Thomas P.

Dr Moe has made a huge difference in the way my spine feels. It’s a 100% change from the time I started with him. Thanks to everyone at Family Chiropractic. Thanks again

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