Exploring Headache Causes: Is Your Lifestyle to Blame?

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Sitting for a living makes your headache-prone

There are countless physiological reasons you may be experiencing headache and each can be compounded by abstract factors and the lifestyles we lead. Many people work jobs that require long deskbound periods combined with extreme mental exertion, or physically demanding jobs, taxing the body to its breaking point. Stress is accumulating all the time, and if you are not giving your brain and body proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise, the cards will stack against you, commonly resulting in a headache. They are fickle and personalized: each person’s headache is a manifestation of your lifestyle.

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The Science of Sciatica: How to Beat the Pain

Sciatica is a common impingement syndrome, with various causes and degrees of pain.

Essentially, the sciatic nerve, which happens to be the largest nerve in the human body, becomes pinched. The symptoms associated with sciatica can range from cramp-like irritation and numbing in the buttocks and legs, to sharp and shooting pain throughout the leg and lower extremities.

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