How to Finish Out an Injury-Free Summer

If you’re active on any sort of level, avoidance of injury is likely an important factor in your training and exercise.

When it comes down to it, nobody wants to get injured, and our fragile bodies become even more susceptible to injury, wear and tear, and even breakdown as we advance in age.

During this summer you’ve likely been trying to get after it outdoors a little more, which will increase your chances of getting injured due to uncontrolled variables that you wouldn’t encounter at an organized gym.

Below, we cover a few ways to finish out the summer without getting an injury.

First, if you’ve been doing a decent job with your post-workout stretch routine, now is the time to double-down. Take a yoga class a few nights a week after work to give your body some tension relief. After all, if you’ve been working and staying active, you’re likely putting your body through a ton of stress.

Make sure that you’re eating healthy as well and staying properly hydrated. Eating junk food bogs your body down with digesting processed foods — your body doesn’t really know what to do with that stuff. Your body KNOWS what to do with healthy greens, fruits, and clean proteins.

Dehydration can cause lack of focus, low energy, and cause our joints to perform at less than optimum capacity. This can certainly lead to an injury when you’re trying to get a workout in.

Even though COVID-19 might have limited our summer activities, we can still do a lot with what we have. And let’s take care of ourselves and each other while we’re at it!

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