Unavoidable Scar Tissue Has A Fix

Scar tissue is an unavoidable part of the body’s healing process, after traumatic injury, surgery, or even as a response to repetitive micro-traumas (think scar tissue building up in the fingers after years of typing). Much like inflammation, another natural healing response, scar tissue can accumulate to a point where it inhibits normal functioning and causes pain and stiffness. The main problem is that scar tissue is, by some estimates, only 60% as elastic as the tissue it replaces, meaning that the material itself is inherently stiffer. When left unchecked, scar tissue can proliferate and adhere to healthy tissue in the surrounding area, which can restrict the normal range of motion, becoming especially problematic when the area in question is a joint that requires regular movement. 

The happy part of this story is that chiropractic is a modality that seems almost tailor-made for combating scar tissue accumulation. At our office, we utilize modalities such as the Graston Technique, Active Release Technique, and Myofascial Release to break up scar tissue and prevent it from accumulating and interfering with your way of being. Furthermore, scar tissue can actively pull the body, in particular the back, out of balance and we want to prevent this from happening. Trigger point therapy and simple massage techniques can get deep into the tissues and dissipate the scar tissue.

If scar tissue build-up has you in its grips, give our office a call and schedule an appointment so we can start you on a path toward healing today!