3 Bad Nutrition Habits to Break

When it comes to our daily habits, not all of them are going to be great for us, but the bad ones we engage in fairly often have to do with our diet.

When it comes down to it, not only does time weigh down hard on us, making it often feel like preparing a nutritional meal is an elusive thing, not to mention the fact that advertisers have fast-food ads on billboards, on TV, and on the internet tempting you with the next greasy thing.

Below, Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center goes over a few common poor nutrition habits to break and/or avoid.

1.) Eating Late at Night

Having that late night snack might be tempting, but it’s a bad idea to eat right before you go to sleep, which will affect your quality of sleep, since your body is tasked with digesting the food you eat while it is trying to rest. Instead, have your last meal no later than 2 hours before you go to sleep to ensure a better night of rest.

2.) Eating Fast-Food

If the choice is either eat junk food or eat nothing, honestly, it’s probably a better idea to skip that meal and wait for a healthier option. Fast food has little or no nutritional value and is loaded with processed carbohydrates, sugars, and probably some things you don’t even want to know about. The sooner you can break-up with that fast-food place that is right on the way home, the better.

3.) Eating Large Portions

Many of us condense our meals into 2 or 3 per day, so a lot of us are eating larger portions, which can often bog down the body, which will bring on fatigue and lower our energy levels. Instead, try to eat 4-5 healthy smaller meals throughout the day, which will ensure your body spends its energy on your daily duties instead of digesting large meals all at once.

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Knocking the Cobwebs off a Stale Exercise Routine

When it comes to fitness, many of us simply engage in the activities and forms of exercise that we feel most comfortable with — in short, things we’re good at and familiar with.

Since human beings embrace comfort and familiarity, this flies right in the face of keeping a fresh fitness routine, which is actually of great importance if you’re looking to avoid hitting any exercise plateaus.

First, change the time of day you’re working out, if that option is available to you. If you spend the evenings getting a 5-mile run in, maybe get that mileage in first thing in the morning. Running during a sunrise has profound effects and it gives you a beautiful view at the end of the torturous run.

Next, switch up the lifts you’re doing. If you’ve been hitting the upper body hard in years past, it’s time to engage your lower body and core muscle group. Maybe take up paddle boarding and yoga for the rest of the summer in lieu of re-activating your gym membership. Getting outdoors to do your workouts is a great way to avoid having a dull workout routine.

If your exercise routine if feeling a little stale, it’s a good idea to look toward your active recovery plan. Sometimes it’s what we do during our off days that set us up for success during the days we get down to business. Great things to do on active recovery days include getting a massage, going on a nice hike, taking a yoga class, and even getting a chiropractic adjustment. Our treatments at Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center will help unlock new health benefits that you have to experience to believe. We’re here to provide our essential treatments in a safe environment where the focus can be put on you. Contact us today to learn about what we’re doing to help our patients and community during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Getting More Out of Your Stretch Routine

When many of us think about our health and wellness plans, exercise and diet tends to come to mind. But what about your active recovery plan?

Active recovery constitutes anything you can do besides rest that will inspire the body’s natural healing and rehabilitative processes. Stretching is one powerful example of active recovery since it requires effort in order to perform and hold the stretch.

For many of us, even taking 10 minutes to stretch after a hard workout might seem like an arduous task.

Only a few decades ago athletes used to chide each other for stretching, claiming that it was for sissies! Now top-tier athletes like Lebron James take every measure to take care of and preserve their bodies, stretching being one of the staples.

How do you get a good stretch, though?

Holding Your Stretch

First, make sure to hold your stretch for at least 30 seconds, that way your muscles and joints get a proper amount of time to decompress and release tension.

Make sure that you don’t bounce during your stretch. Hold your stretch in place firmly and confidently.

Do Not Overstretch

Don’t overstretch, either, which can result in muscle strain or injury, especially if you’re just starting out.

Practice Deep Breathing for a Full-Spectrum Stretch

Making sure to breathe deeply will also ensure that you get a full, deep stretch that will help set your body up for success.

Chiropractic treatment will help take your fitness (and your stretching, for that matter) to the next level as well. Our treatments will help improve your range of motion on a daily basis.

But How Much Does a Chiropractor Cost?

If you have any questions about chiropractic care cost, contact us today at Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center. We make our treatments work for any budget. We have a long track record of keeping entire families healthy and well.

Chiropractic for Muay Thai Training

When it comes to martial arts training, you’re going to be putting a tremendous amount of pressure on your hips and your spine, not to mention your joints.

Chiropractic treatment is an amazing option and drug-free alternative to surgery, which helps Muay Thai fighters get over the everyday struggles that come along with the training that the lifestyle entails.

As you prepare your body to take vicious kicks and punches, you’re body is going to give you some pushback, and it’s important that you have an active recovery plan that will give your body the time and space it needs to heal up.

One simple and easy chiropractic adjustment at Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center will help Muay Thai fighters realign their body and recalibrate their mind, which will help in their training. One simple chiropractic adjustment has the power to unlock untold health benefits as well, such as increased flexibility, improved range of motion, drug-free pain relief, not to mention provide Muay Thai fighters with a much-needed immune system boost.

Lastly, one simple treatment will help Muay Thai fighters get a better night of sleep, which will help with the recovery process, because our bodies do a ton of important repair work while we’re sleeping.

If you have any questions about how our custom-tailored treatments for Muay Thai fighters are getting amazing results, contact Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center today in order to learn more.