Knocking the Cobwebs off a Stale Exercise Routine

When it comes to fitness, many of us simply engage in the activities and forms of exercise that we feel most comfortable with — in short, things we’re good at and familiar with.

Since human beings embrace comfort and familiarity, this flies right in the face of keeping a fresh fitness routine, which is actually of great importance if you’re looking to avoid hitting any exercise plateaus.

First, change the time of day you’re working out, if that option is available to you. If you spend the evenings getting a 5-mile run in, maybe get that mileage in first thing in the morning. Running during a sunrise has profound effects and it gives you a beautiful view at the end of the torturous run.

Next, switch up the lifts you’re doing. If you’ve been hitting the upper body hard in years past, it’s time to engage your lower body and core muscle group. Maybe take up paddle boarding and yoga for the rest of the summer in lieu of re-activating your gym membership. Getting outdoors to do your workouts is a great way to avoid having a dull workout routine.

If your exercise routine if feeling a little stale, it’s a good idea to look toward your active recovery plan. Sometimes it’s what we do during our off days that set us up for success during the days we get down to business. Great things to do on active recovery days include getting a massage, going on a nice hike, taking a yoga class, and even getting a chiropractic adjustment. Our treatments at Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center will help unlock new health benefits that you have to experience to believe. We’re here to provide our essential treatments in a safe environment where the focus can be put on you. Contact us today to learn about what we’re doing to help our patients and community during this COVID-19 pandemic.