Rachael F

From tears to smiles, thanks to Dr. Moe!!!!!

I will never forget that day….. excruciating pain as if someone had literally stabbed me in the back and tears falling down my cheeks:( But, with great referrals from friends, I called Dr. Abtahi’s office with no hesitation. Melissa was so helpful that day and had me come in immediately. Dr.Mo saw me right away and could see how much pain and discomfort i was in. He was determined to make me feel better by the end of that first visit. The amount of time and care Dr.Mo provided me with was astounding! On that day and throughout all my treatments at spinal Health care, I was treated as if i were family by the whole staff. The love this man has for his work is exceptional and greatly appreciated. He has so much to offer in his office and can treat pretty much any problem. I had doubts that i wouldn’t be able to be active again, dance or take/teach zumba because of low back pain. But, after only a few treatments from Dr. Mo, I was able to perform normal daily activities and within a month saw great success and was able to do just about everything i love:) My frowns had turned upside down and i am still smiling, enjoying my life pain-free!!! Thank you Dr.Mo for all your hard work, patience/dedication, and commitment to making people feel great!

M. C.

I would highly recommend Family Chiropractic to everyone, regardless of age or c

The doctor was a pleasure. He was knowledgable, explained all points of services, and really helped with my ailment. I would highly recommend Family Chiropractic to everyone, regardless of age or condition.

Armita H

Best Treatment I Ever Had!

I first when to Dr. Abtahi for my knee and ankle. I have always had problems with them and other doctors that I have gone to never really helped me out. Once I started treatment with Dr. Abtahi, I had immediate results and my knee and ankle started to feel a hundred times better. He is a thoughtful Dr. who actually LISTENS to your problems. I highly reccommend him to anyone!

Warren C

Absolutely Fabulous

I went in there bent over and I came out straight. I have been going to Family Chiropractor for about a year now. The staff is great and Dr. Moe is great. I would recommend them to anyone.

Nomy G

Dr Abtahi is the best! I highly recommend him!

Dr. Abtahi is the best! I was diagnosed with scoliosis 30 years ago and have had significant pain in my back over the years. Two years ago I had a major surgical procedure which left me with even more back pain, but through the help of Dr abtahi the pain has been greatly reduced. I now have pain free days instead of days in which I could barely get out of bed. He is a very good Doctor. I highly recommend him!

Rose Ann F

If it were not for Dr Abtahi i could not get out of bed in the morning . and since I do quite a bit of exercise I abuse my muscles.
I do not have to take any pain killers after a visit
I am so totally relaxed it is like a vacation!
thanks Dr.Abtahi and staff!Great work!

Suzanne J

It is amazing, especially for someone with an autoimmune disease.

Everything at Family Chiropractor & Spinal Heath Care Center is amazing. My son also goes there, and when he was going out the door he commented about how glad he was to be able to see Dr. Moe today because he is the only man who can help him. We recommend Family Chiropractor all the time.

I actually have an autoimmune disease, scoliotic arthritis, and so I am a very delicate case. Previously when I would go to a chiropractor the treatment might not be so muscle friendly. For a condition like mine, my body would manufacture inflammation. If it was someone who didn’t understand, I could be inflamed for 2 months at a time, and I would be in pain for months. Since I have been using Dr. Moe this does not happen anymore.

Dr. Moe is gentle and knowledgeable. He uses many different techniques, so it is not like getting treated at a meat market. He is very careful about how he approaches treating me and what he uses. The treatment is muscle friendly, and I no longer have any flares. I have gotten much better.

Give it a try, and at least go once. He really is different. It is eclectic because there is such an array of techniques and modalities. There really is something for everyone there. He definitely works on the conservative side, but he gets the job done.

— Reynold T.- M.D.

Dr. Abtahi and Michelle (massage therapist) are a wonderful team. The combination of massage and adjustments truly help my chronic pain, improve my posture and generally improve my quality of life. I greatly appreciate the help that I receive and value the care and compassion.