3 Quick Ways to Achieve Better Nutrition

Choosing what to eat, when to eat, and why you eat are all of paramount importance in establishing a healthy nutritional regiment, which will help fuel your body and your brain throughout the day and throughout your life. Below are a few guidelines that will serve as suggestions to help you in your quest to get healthier, which is what Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center is all about!

1.) Change When You Eat

Instead of eating whenever you feel any sleight bit of hunger, establish a routine of when you eat. Feel free to extend the time of having your first meal after a good night sleep to maximize benefits from short-period fasting. Try to make sure that you stop eating 2-3 hours before you go to bed to ensure a proper night of sleep and optimal digestion. If you can discipline yourself to only eat within an 8-hour window, you’ll start to achieve the many health benefits that come from intermittent fasting.

2.) Change What You Eat

Try to only shop along the periphery of the grocery store. Clean, whole foods are the aim in achieving a healthy diet that will be easiest on your GI system. Eating lots of healthy veggies, some fruit, and some clean protein will have you immediately start to feel and function better.

3.) Limit Your Portions

Making sure that you eat closer to 5 small meals per day rather than 2-3 larger ones will help you stay fueled throughout the day without being overfed. Many Americans eat too much food on a daily basis. Moderating your intake is key to achieving a balanced, healthy diet.

If you have any additional questions about how a healthy diet and the pursuit of chiropractic treatment can help maximize your health, contact Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center today to schedule your consultation.

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