Lumbar Problems: When the Pain Won’t Go Away

Muscle problems are the most common cause of lower back pain

This rather large category can refer to tangible, definable problems like muscle and tendon strains and ligament sprains to the more nebulous muscle problems that result from years of neglect and mistreatment. Regardless, it goes without saying that your muscles are the main support for your spine- any problems in the musculature are going to directly affect the integrity of your spinal cord; the knock-on effect will come to define the way you feel and function in all activities. Therefore, controlling for muscle problems in the lower back is a signal way of increasing your overall wellbeing.

Resolving muscle problems in the lower back

This may seem like a monumental task, especially when your back is knotted up from years, decades perhaps, of poor posture and the daily stresses of life. However, we have to start somewhere, and start we will, in order to prevent you from going even further down the path towards an old age of spinal problems. The important thing to remember is that whatever state your spine is in now is the best vantage point you will have to work from. Each passing day the stresses pile on further, meaning that you are working from more of a deficit. If you start taking care of your back now, you can avoid a lot of the discomfort that comes along with spinal degeneration, including the life-altering process of spinal surgery.

At our office in Ramsey, we help you resolve muscle problems in the lower back with a variety of conservative therapies, including:

  • Trigger point therapy
  • Myofascial release
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Instrument-assisted adjustments
  • Manual adjustment
  • Decompression therapy

Our goal is to help you live the best life you can, despite the muscle problems that are causing you pain and discomfort. If you are interested in finding out more about our preventive, natural approach to healthcare, give our office in Ramsey a call to schedule an appointment today.

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