Managing Daily Spinal Misalignment

Your spine is misaligned as we speak

This is no hyperbole, but neither is it cause for panic! The spine is not one long rigid bone; if it were, you would scarcely be able to move. In reality, your spine is accentuated by spinal motion segments which, according to their location in the spinal column, are responsible for different kinds of motion. For example, the cervical and lumbar regions provide for stability, while the thoracic vertebrae are designed to facilitate the flexion, extension and rotation of the upper body. Understanding your spine as a mosaic of moving pieces helps explain why it is constantly becoming unaligned and realigned. The problems begin when misalignments create uneven development of the musculature, or contribute to muscle tension and trigger points.

What you can do to prevent misalignment during the work week

  • Vary your position frequently: believe it or not, your spine is meant to be in motion! Sitting is the least natural position for your spine. If you are forced to sit, make sure you are shifting so that stress and tension are not able to accumulate and pull your spine out of alignment.
  • Employ an exercise ball as your office chair: to aid you in the above stated task. Furthermore, exercise ball provides you with core strengthening and supports neutral postuure.
  • Stretch frequently: even if you dont stand up, there are little ways you can release tension.
  • Stand up at least once an hour: have a look around the office, maybe take a walk to the water fountain. Refresh your circulation and break the cycle of monotony that contributes to muscle tension.
  • Drink water: to hydrate spinal joints and aid in blood circulation.
  • Prioritize posture: if you are stuck in an office chair, be sure to pay attention to posture. Changing your position frequently helps keep the idea of posture fresh in your mind.

How we help you manage misalignment in the Ramsey area

If spinal misalignment is causing you pain or other problems, checking in at your Ramsey chiropractor is a great idea. We provide you with gentle adjustments that restore alignment to spinal joints and improve the function and longevity of spinal motion segments. If you are interested in investigating the role that misalignment is playing in your wellness, give our office in Ramsey a call to schedule an appointment.

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