Office Ergonomics

At Family Chiropractor & Spinal Health Care Center, we believe that the power is within you to decrease tightness of the muscles supporting your spine, improve your range of motion and boost your potential productivity from the very seat you are sitting in. Let us take care of spinal misalignment and teach you how to focus on the daily factors that determine your overall spinal health: posture, exercise, nutrition and sleep. When things reach a breaking point, we also offer massage that releases endorphins to reduce stress and pain while improving blood flow and circulation to injured regions.

In the office:

Make sure your equipment is not working against you: We are looking at you, office chairs. Counseling you on how to make sure your ergonomic support network is doing its job fully is one of our duties. For example, the weight burden on the lower spine is increased by 3 times in a seated position. Sitting with poor posture only increases this burden more and destabilizes the muscles which are trying to support the spine.

Not everyone is in the position to buy a new office chair, but using a rolled up jacket or a lumbar support pillow to encourage the lordotic curve is something that everyone can do. Adjust the height of the monitor, which helps you face forward instead of down or up. This is easily the best way to encourage your body to stay neutral: facing forward generally encourages the head to stay balanced atop the spine. Armrests that keep the arms at 90 degrees and the shoulders relaxed are crucial.

The office can be a brutal place for backs. Many people come home with muscles tender and necks tight, to exacerbate the problem by falling into a sunken couch. It is a dangerous trend to set for yourself, and one that we specialize in preventing: we can help you to appreciate and prioritize a healthy back care lifestyle. Call us at (201) 995-9900 to schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Moe Abtahi, D.C.

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