Sitting Posture

For millions of people in New Jersey alone, sitting constitutes a large portion of their daily positioning.

Sitting is perhaps the most conducive position to poor posture. The body’s natural instinct when it is sat in a chair is to sink into it, immediately creating muscular imbalance and poor curvature. When screens are introduced to the equation, especially when they are not adjusted to the proper height, we tend to lock into a head forward position which magnifies the weight of the head on the spine. Sitting regularly in this posture brings into play the possibility of significant strain and injury to the muscles of the head and neck.

Truly supporting your spine while sitting for extended periods of time requires a combination of factors including: proper posture, a good ergonomic set up and attention to movement/giving your body occasional breaks.


  • Head facing straight, centered over the spine, not lurching forward.
  • Back straight, shoulders back and buttocks touching the back of the chair.
  • Natural curve in the lower back
  • Weight of torso distributed evenly on both hips.
  • Legs at 90 degree (or ever so slightly higher) angle, supporting weight of torso without placing too much burden on the feet.
  • Feet rested flat on the floor, but not pressing down.

Posture is the most immediate and effective way you can influence the health of your spine, especially if you are sitting all day long.  It is a commitment to your health.

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Dr. Mohammed Abtahi, D.C

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