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Spinal Anatomy: The Functional Spinal Unit

Your spine is built for stability but it still has to move

If it was so rigid as to not move, it would simply crack from the shearing forces that we put it through on a daily basis. Therefore, it is ingeniously constructed so as to provide stability but still retain a level of independent movement. This is enabled by the functional spinal unit, also known as the spinal motion segment, or the articular triad.

Introducing the functional spinal unit

It consists of:

  • Two vertebrae
  • Spinal facet joints
  • Intervertebral discs

And all the other ligaments and connecting tissues between the two vertebrae. This means that all of your non-fused vertebrae are able to articulate individually. And this is so important for your overall health, and the health of your spine. But there is a lot of room for things to go wrong- the most oft compromised is the intervertebral disc which provides the cushion between the two vertebrae.

Protecting your functional spine

Ensuring that these unique systems don’t degrade means being proactive about their care. Regular spinal checkups from spinal health care specialists ensure that your spine is working optimally. That means protecting the range of motion potential contained within functional spinal units, while also protecting the stability that your spine provides for your body as a whole. If you are interested in making improvements in spinal health this new year, look no further than our office in Ramsey. We look forward to hearing from you!

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