The Efficacy of Chiropractic

Why is such effective pain relief?

We think it is because of the time and care we are able to devote to your personal experience. Traditional Western healthcare dictates that we diagnose a problem and prescribe a solution; and while that has proved to be effective enough to be deemed the standard, it does not work for everyone. In fact, western medicine often falls short by failing to understand a condition as part of a bigger picture. This big picture approach is what makes chiropractic so effective- we pain a picture of your pain and dysfunction and use diagnostics to get to their source. We then set a course to resolve the root cause and set up an action plan for prevention.

We take the time to understand your lifestyle and how best to implement chiropractic modalities in support of your body.

We don’t simply apply a blanket cure to all maladies. Each body will require a different technique and chiropractic is a versatile enough treatment to be able to accommodate all bodies. From the diversified technique, to the activator method, flexion-distraction to decompression therapy, we believe there is a modality that will help you experience less pain while simultaneously boosting your range of motion and well-being.

The healthcare difference that is chiropractic

At Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center, we call on a variety of modalities to ensure you get the treatment you need to address the underlying cause of your pain and dysfunction. We will then work with you to create a preventive healthcare plan moving forward that will help keep this same pain and dysfunction from returning. If you are interested in finding out more about our approach to healthcare, give our office in Ramsey a call to schedule an appointment today.

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