Walking is the Ultimate Preventive Medicine

What is the power contained within a simple walk?

The power is profound: walking for just half an hour per day can be a godsend to joints that are silently crying out for movement. It frees your body and your mind, fighting back against both physical pain and mental anxiety. It allows you to re-focus your thoughts and gain perspective that cannot be gained through sitting around doing nothing! Let’s take a look at the power of walking from a chiropractor’s perspective.

Get out and walk!

The number one health property of a walk is, coincidentally, a core tenet of philosophy of chiropractic: promoting spinal balance, which helps to control and coordinate all of the functioning and mechanics of the human body. Here are some other health benefits of a walk:

  1. Reduce pain: releases endorphins and promotes movement of previously stagnant spinal joints, freeing pressure that accumulates after long periods of sitting or standing.
  2. Improves circulation: your blood needs to move too! Circulating blood through the body makes sure that your cells are getting the oxygen and nutrients they need to make you feel great.
  3. Improves range of motion: making you less susceptible to injury and more flexible.

Walking goes a long way toward managing weight as well. For sufferers of low back pain, one of the primary contributing factors is pressure brought on by excess weight. No matter what health goal you have set for yourself, regularly walking should be part of the plan. Call our offices in New Jersey and let us help you find little chunks of time in your day that can be filled with a quick walk.

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