What is Active Recovery?

When many of us take days off from work and strenuous activity, we might be inclined to think that gives us an excuse to do nothing. Many of us spend our off days eating the types of foods we shouldn’t while sitting in front of the television binge-watching the latest hot TV show.

However, it’s a much better idea to demand a little more out of yourself. On your days off you have an opportunity to engage in active recovery!

More on Active Recovery

Active recovery has to do with the idea of using your off days from working out to do less strenuous, yet still productive activities. There are multitudes of activities you can engage in that won’t push your body too hard, so the next day you’ll still be able to get after it like you intend to.

Active Recovery Examples

If you’re wondering what counts as active recovery, we’ll go over that for you right now! Hiking, taking a yoga class, taking a nature walk, or maybe even a casual dip in the pool are all activities that can be considered active recovery.

Chiropractic Care and Active Recovery

You don’t have to save going to the chiropractor just for when you’re in pain or feeling injured. You can actually combine chiropractic treatments with an active lifestyle to help your body function at optimum capacity, not to mention help you better recover from your workouts.

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