When Dormant Spinal Injuries Resurface

Have you ever suffered an injury?

Many of us, especially during our younger years, have suffered injuries that seemed of little significance at the time- from a slip and fall, to an injury sustained while playing an aggressive sport like football. And while we can all admit that we more resilient in our younger days, it doesn’t change the fact that we never did anything about the injury. It’s true that we are more resilient to injury in youth- we are able to process and heal an injury much quicker, sometimes without any medical attention whatsoever. Now the problem is that many of these injuries do cause damage, damage that remains dormant for years- decades even.

When dormant injuries come back to bite

It essentially boils down to this: the injury was more severe than you gave it credit for. Over the intervening years, while you went about growing up, the injury never exactly went away. As we grow older, gain weight and move less, the injury begins to reassert itself. Whether through limitations in range of motion, stiffness in the morning time, or outright pain, you now know something is wrong; the pain seems to have come back to stay. As spinal health care specialists, this tells us that pain is not the best indicator of a spinal condition. All of us should be proactive about caring for our spines, no matter the condition.

What to do about dormant injuries

Just as it is recommended that we receive regular health check ups from a physician, we should also provide our spines with the same kindness. This helps us to identify problems as early as possible, and set a course for correction that will prevent problems in the future. Our particular brand of preventive healthcare uses spinal adjustment, decompression therapy and massage, along with diet and exercise to increase function and prevent pain in the spine. If you are interested in finding out more, we urge you to give our office in Ramsey a call to schedule an appointment today.

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