Why Choose the Activator Method for Improving Spinal Health

The Activator advantage

The Activator Method is one of the tools we trust to provide profound spinal relief. In fact, it is the only instrument-assisted method that is backed up by clinical evidence. Our goals with the Activator Method align perfectly with the rest of our treatment methods: to help you live a better, more mobile, less painful life. Activator helps achieve this by providing you with:

  • Detection and treatment of musculoskeletal imbalances
  • Improvement of spinal joint mobility
  • Reducing pain in the neck and back
  • Testing neurological reflex

How the Activator Method works

The method uses a handheld, springloaded tool to provide gentle, rapid pulses into a specifically-targeted region. These pulses are so fast that your body is unable to tense and thereby resist the benefit of the treatment. The end result is improved mobility of the spinal joints, less tension in the musculature and less pain.

Activator Method for better spinal health in Ramsey

As with any medical treatment, one size does not fit all. The Activator Method allows us to provide an alternative technique for the same therapy- meaning that our care is more customizable. With the great success our patients experience with the Activator Method, It just shows that a diversity of options helps to provide the greatest possible level of care for our community.

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