Yoga For Compression-related Back Pain

You can’t escape the compression

From the day we are born, gravity begins working on our spines. Growing up, our young spines are mobile and generally resilient against the downward force of gravity. But as we grow older, this compression effect begins to show its ugly head. Here is the recipe that leads to compression-type back pain:

  • Our spines are finite- they weaken with age
  • Our weight is naturally more than when we were young, increasing the burden on intervertebral discs
  • We are less active in comparison, and we generally sit a lot more, which increases the compressive force of gravity as compared to standing or lying down.
  • Many of us sit with poor posture which further increases the pressure.
  • There are many other intangible factors which go into this recipe.

The collective effect is an over compression which causes generalized back pain, especially in the lower back, as well as more aggressive conditions including herniated discs, sciatica and degnerative disc disease. The good news is that yoga can help you mitigate all these factors!

You may not be able to escape the compression, but…

…yoga offers many of us a tonic to undo the damage that we put in on a daily basis. Yoga and chiropractic are complementary: each places a focus on holistic healing, mindfulness and relaxation to help you overcome the forces which are causing your back pain. Here is how to use yoga to account for compression-type back pain:

  • Be gentle in every motion, avoiding excessive or extreme movements
  • Focus on the stable transfer of forces across your body
  • Choose poses which provide traction for the spine, like the Half-Cobra Pose
  • Rest in poses that elongate the spine such as the Child’s Pose
  • Use support when necessary
  • Avoid poses that worsen your condition such as flexion and rotation-based poses

Always listen to your intuition! If you feel like you are getting into a pose which is going to hurt you, stop immediately. If you observe these rules, and you make sure to ease yourself into each pose, yoga can become a powerful part of your back pain management regime.

Check in at your Ramsey chiropractor to start fighting back against compression

Yoga is daily decompression- the kind that can be done from the comfort of your home, whenever you feel like you need it. At Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center, we are standing by to help members of our community develop a plan to account for their back pain. By combining chiropractic modalities such as spinal adjustment and decompression, with the power of yoga, exercise and nutrition, we can effect great changes in the way your back feels on a daily basis.

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