Keeping Sciatica at Bay During Pregnancy

When your pregnancy presses on your sciatic nerve

The results can be disastrous. You already have enough anxiety to deal with as the due date approaches; to add severe back pain into the mix can push you to a breaking point. But this is exactly what happens to so many women, because pregnancy creates the perfect mix of circumstances for sciatica. Take the growing weight of the fetus, add a shifting center of gravity, then increase pregnancy hormones that loosen ligaments in the pelvis, then add an accentuated arch in the back and pressure on the facet joints, and voila, you have sciatica. Fortunately, chiropractic specializes in treating these exact pre-conditions to help alleviate nerve impingement and help you feel better. 

Chiropractic for sciatica during pregnancy

Our goal is to stabilize the pelvis and restore alignment throughout the spine. This requires specific spinal adjustments that restore the alignment of the spine and increase function in the facet joints; this in itself is often enough to alleviate nerve impingement. From here, we focus on balancing the pelvis to prevent misalignment from recurring, and to increase stability at the base of the spine. Finally, we introduce gentle stretching and strengthening movements to increase the natural support system for your lower spine. We also employ modalities such as massage and soft tissue therapy to help increase circulation where it matters most. If you are interested in finding out about how chiropractic can benefit your pregnancy, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.