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Chiropractic: A Difference Maker for Your Pregnancy

Chiropractic is a good choice during pregnancy

Working alongside your primary care physician and prenatal care specialists, chiropractic offers a further layer of protection to the mother’s body as she goes through the flood of changes that is part and parcel of pregnancy. The majority of these changes involve the growing and shifting of weight, which tends to add pressure onto the spine even as it creates imbalances in the musculature and vertebrae. Added weight and misalignment leave the mother’s body vulnerable to pain related to tense muscles and nerve compression. Later in the pregnancy, pelvic ligaments loosen in preparation for childbirth and the whole system becomes further destabilized; in severe cases, this systemic misalignment and tension can reduce the space available for the growth and development of the fetus in the womb; it can also contribute to the breech presentation in the period leading up to the delivery date.

Chiropractic makes for a more comfortable pregnancy

Pregnancy chiropractic is a specialty within the realm of chiropractic that requires further education and certification. But a pregnancy chiropractor is worth their weight in gold because most women find great success dealing with the discomforts and potential problems of pregnancy with chiropractic. At our office in Ramsey, we utilize a specialized adjusting table that can accommodate even the largest pregnancies. Spinal adjustments are performed gently and purposefully, and help to restore spinal alignment, alleviate nerve impingement, especially in the lower spine, where pregnancy-related sciatica originates from. We also provide soft-tissue therapy to release systemic tension, especially in the muscles of the lower back which are under threat as the abdominal muscles are stretched to their utmost capacity. Chiropractic looks at this mosaic of tension and imbalance and seeks to provide a stabilizing influence. If you are interested in using chiropractic to protect your pregnancy, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.

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