corrective exercise

Corrective Exercise

At Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center, we treat more than just the individual’s condition: we seek to impart upon you a thirst for a more healthy back care lifestyle. This goes beyond the adjustments and massage that we offer at the office and include advice on nutrition, exercise and ergonomics that can make huge differences in your life.

Corrective exercises improve the effectiveness of a spinal adjustment, strengthening muscles and connective tissue to keep the back balanced and healthy. Whether you are rehabilitating an injury without surgery or recovering post-surgery, the body can always benefit from simple exercise to speed the process. With severe injuries, NO exercise should be performed unless specific stretching movements can be performed pain free. From this vantage point, we then introduce gentle stretches and exercises that seek to restore balance and strength.

Corrective exercises are specific to the individual and their condition. They can be performed from home at little to no expense, but their upside is limitless. Many injuries result from jobs that put muscle groups in a state of imbalance. Prolonged static posture, whether sitting or standing, creates strain on muscles that are yearning to move. Gently rotating your upper body, neck or going for a quick walk around the office relieve the burden of inactivity from aching muscles.

Often times people will come in and a quick examination will tell me that both the back and core muscles are already strained or overworked, without them knowing it. In this case, I prescribe light aerobic activity such as incorporating a regular walk or jog into their daily routine to get the muscle groups moving. For tips on working simple corrective exercise and stretching into your health care routine, call our offices in New Jersey and schedule an appointment today.

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Dr. Moe Abtahi, D.C.

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