Daily Journaling Makes A Difference in Chronic Back Pain

The power of writing things down

Treating chronic back pain effectively starts with understanding the underlying set of conditions that leads to the pain. In many cases, the conditions are obvious: a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, or even a simple back strain. But for many people living with chronic back pain, there is no clear discernible cause; in these cases it is most likely an amalgamation of factors which leave the individual in a state of regular discomfort and pain. Whatever the case, there is one thing we recommend to all of our patients who live with chronic back pain: use a journal.

A journal helps paint a clearer picture of your pain

The more detail the better: meticulously record the exact time, nature and severity of your painful episodes. Note what you ate, where you were, how you moved (or didn’t move), and any other factor that seems relevant. You would be surprised that almost every factor plays a part in causing (or not causing) back pain. Combined with a pain journal, your diagnostic imaging, physical examinations and postural analysis become all the more effective.

Start keeping a journal today

This is something we recommend to anyone with back pain, whether they are patients or not. If you are thinking of seeing a chiropractor for the first time, start a journal in the preceding days or weeks and bring it to your first appointment. There is a good chance that it can play a role in helping you on the road to healing.

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