Getting Back Outside

As quarantine restrictions begin to lift in even the most strict counties across the country, it’s important to incorporate yourself back into society little by little, as a way to let your immune system build. That way your weakened immune system doesn’t come into contact with potential viruses and your body can start building healthy defenses against infection.

Eat well and exercise. Get a run, walk, or a hike in during the early hours of the morning in order to limit your exposure.

Now that we’re getting back “out there,” it’s probably okay to meet with another person who is low risk and not one of those people who are more susceptible to COVID-19.

When we get around others, we trade beneficial bacteria that help us build a healthy biome. It’s very important! Remember that we’ve all pretty much deprived ourselves of this essential part of being human in order to assist in the greater good. Now is the time to take our health back while we acclimate ourselves to something closer to our previous operations.

If you’re sick, stay at home. If you have to go out when you’re sick, wear a mask.

If you’re well, wash your hands. Be conscious of those around you. If you travel to a foreign land, give yourself a couple of weeks to stay at home, that way if you’re carrying any viruses you don’t spread it to others.

Just a few suggestions here. Stay healthy out there. Contact Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center today to learn more about how our treatments can help boost your immune system.

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