How Can I Remember to Drink More Water?

Dehydration is rampant in America

We have a love affair with sugary, fatty drinks that give us comparatively little hydration for the amount of side-effects that they come with. Coffee, energy drinks, sodas and juices are often reached for before good old water, which is a shame because of all of them increase our risk of diabetes, weight gain and poor spinal health. It’s time to clean up our act and start reaching for water and electrolyte-fortified water first.

Doing your bit for your body: maintaining hydration

Hydration is this easiest thing you can do for your health and wellness on a daily basis so there really is no excuse. And OK, for the sake of hydration we will allow soda, coffee or other sugary drinks as long as they are balanced on a 1:1 ratio with regular water.

We generally advise 8 large glasses of water per day, or between 1.5-2 liters of water. That seems like a lot and it is until you start doing it and experience how good it makes you feel. You will need to drink more if you weigh more, and of course drink more if you exercise.

If you struggle to maintain an adequate level of daily hydration, consider using an app on your phone which will alert you when it is time to drink water. A good schedule would be one glass in the morning, one before and after each meal, and one before bed.

This is the hydration you need to feel your best, and we promise your spine will thank you as well.

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