How to Get the Most Out of Your Diet

It’s important to start looking a little closer and what we eat and why we eat. It’s too much of a habit here in the United States to simply eat what tastes good. Basically, most of us just eat for mouth pleasure — a lot of our favorite staples have little nutritional value. Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center would like to go over a few ways to fine-tune your diet to get better results for you health-wise.
Eat More Greens

Try to make veggies a part of every meal — you’ll feel better on a daily basis as a result. Eating clean, whole foods is far easier on your digestive system than processed foods, which will free your body up to spend energy in more valuable ways.
Be Portion-Conscious

Start eating smaller portions and try to eat one or two additional times per day (meaning, about 4-5 smaller meals per day). Have your last meal of the day be your smallest and make sure to eat two hours or so before you go to bed, that way your body can digest and be ready for sleep in time for bed.
Go Simpler

As stated above, eat clean, whole foods. Opt for less seasoning and try to experiment with veggies and healthier carbs (like yams and sweet potatoes). Once you start eating better foods, your body will start craving them, which will make it easier as you go.

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