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Stretching in the Living Room

When it comes to adding more movement into your life, there is no easier or more purposeful way to do it than practicing simple yoga poses. The child’s pose is a movement that can be done in your living room during a commercial break and it provides you with innumerable health benefits, especially for sufferers of low back pain. When watching TV, have a yoga mat or towel nearby that you can throw down on the floor for a quick stretch when the time is right.

The child’s pose, benefits:

Stretches hips, thighs and ankles
Lengthens and stretches spine, thereby relieving neck and back pain.
Calms mind and body
Eases anxiety and stress
Increases circulation
Release tension from the shoulders, back and chest.

Think of your body accumulating tension and tightening as you binge watch Breaking Bad. Three minutes at the end of each hour breaks the build up of tension and restores your body to a semblance of health. Here is how you do child’s pose:

With knees touching, kneel on the floor, with your buttocks touching your feet.
exhale and rest your torso over your thighs, touching your forehead to the ground.
lift the buttocks slightly and stretch your arms over the head, touching your palms to the floor, until you feel shoulder blades stretching.

You can rest in this position for up to 3 minutes or as long as you can handle it. At Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center, we seek to help people find simple ways to add movement back into their life. Without too much exertion, you can let your body and mind relax with simple stretches that defeat the accumulating damage of a sedentary lifestyle. Call our office in New Jersey at (201) 995-9900.

Dr. Moe Abtahi, D.C.

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