The Power of the Micro-Break

Take a break right this second

You have been on your computer for far too long; you have been looking at your phone far too much. You have an office job and a car- that already tells us that you spend too much time sitting. If you aren’t taking the right steps to protect your spine from this lifestyle, there is every chance that you are setting your spine and yourself up for an old age of disability and pain. While there is no single magic bullet for mitigating the toll of office work on your spine, we can suggest a place to start: it’s called taking frequent breaks. Read on to find out about our guidelines for micro-breaks during a busy day.

Picture yourself in the midst of your busiest day

Furiously typing away with no regard for the tension that is accumulating in and around your spine. Your intervertebral discs are drying out; some muscles are over-tightening while others are weakening from not being used; your poor posture is putting excessive downward pressure on your spine. This is enough to make a chiropractor cringe- so even during your busiest days, please heed this warning and take a break. Aim for 60 seconds every 20 minutes or three minutes every hour. Just roll your shoulders and gently move your neck from side to side; stretch your lower back and take a few deep breaths; get yourself a glass of water. These little movements and increments of time will go a long way toward preventing tension from accumulating.

Don’t let your office job spell death for your spine

I wish we could say we are exaggerating, but office work really is one of the worst environments for the human spine. Make sure that your job isn’t taking too great a toll on your body by checking in at your Ramsey chiropractor today.

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