Tips for Better Posture

When it comes to having good posture, it’s not just something you get and keep once you’ve obtained it. Having good posture and keeping good posture is a constant practice, and it’s easy to end up slacking off, especially as the workday unwinds and we get a little fatigued.

Below, Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center goes over a few tips to improve your posture and to keep that great posture for the long haul.

It’s All About the Chair

Sit in an ergonomic chair and try to opt for one of those standing desk converters, that way you can split your time between standing and sitting, which will break up the monotony. Invest in a chair that is supportive and comfortable.

Back Straight, Chin Up

Make sure to keep your back straight, even curved inward a bit at the lower end of your spine. Stick your butt out a little bit and keep your chin slightly raised. Keeping your feet flat on the ground also helps enforce good posture.

Exercise Regularly

Working out with perfect form and technique will improve your posture. Working your core muscle group will also have you feeling strong and healthy on a daily basis, much more fit for keeping good posture throughout the day.

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